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Note: Type model or part number exactly how it appears on unit. For instance, include dashes, periods, and slashes. For example, Philips LTC-3960/60 should include both dash and slash.

If you are having trouble, try reducing the letters/numbers in your search.  For instance, for the Philips optical pickup above LTC-3960/60 try LTC only. 

Grayed fields are disabled; only the fields that apply to the product type will allow you to search.  For instance, flybacks are NOT listed by manufacturer or model number.

Search Help

Basic Search Help
1. Select the product type from the dropdown box.
2. Fill in any other known information
3. Click SEARCH button
4. Results will appear in the Asti Search Results screen
* This search will find any Sony video head where the model number contains "slv". Therefore, video heads "SLV-430" and "ABSLV-231" are displayed in the results page.